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Several years ago, a colleague of mine who was going through a custody evaluation asked me out to lunch to give him an overview of the custody evaluation process. At the end of lunch, he told me, “You ought to write a book about the process.” I initially laughed it off, but then realized that as a family law attorney, I was spending about 30 minutes on each client going through the basics of the process of a custody evaluation, and the client was not able to absorb all of it at once. I thought, “What if I had a book that I could sell to the client, that would give them the basic information in written form, and would save me the time and the client the money of going through the basics?”

Several months later, Getting Past Ugly: Understanding Custody Evaluations and Custody Disputes was ready to print.

For me, as well as for several of my colleagues who have bulk purchased the book to give to clients, the book has done exactly what I had hoped. It gives clients information about the custody evaluation process, and the custody dispute process, in short chapters that are easy for the lay person to understand and refer back to. Then, I can more productively spend my time going through the details of the client’s particular case.

I think this book can do the same for you. For $17.95 in paperback, you have a resource that is immediately available to you to give (or sell) to your client for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost you in time and your client in fees. Please take a look at this website and see if this would work for your clients, and be a good resource for you as well.

Rose L. Hubbard
Attorneys at Law

Rose L. Hubbard, Attorneys at Law


“Terrific book – well written in clear and understanding language for the lay person –
thanks for sharing with us to see the issue through your eyes.”

Judge J.F.

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