“As a lawyer who routinely represents clients in custody and parenting time cases, I have read many books that claim to be helpful to parents who are going through custody or parenting time evaluation. With the exception of Rose Hubbard’s book, I have found them all to be a waste of time and money, and, most concerning, an inaccurate explanation of the process. This book accurately and directly addresses the important issues that a parent faces in an evaluation, and covers the information that lawyers frequently fail to advise their clients on.

I especially appreciated the section explaining the role of the lawyer in the process and feel that parents will have a far better relationship with their lawyer after reading the book. I usually take a few hours with a client to explain the process to them, detail the information that I need from them and how they need to conduct themselves. Now, I simply hand them the book and ask them to come back with any questions. The resulting discussion is much richer and provides tremendous benefits to the client. I recommend this book without hesitation.”

Daniel S. Margolin, Attorney
Stephens Margolin, PC